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Type Parameters: T - the type to delete: V - the type of the id; Parameters: clazz - the type to delete: id - the ID of the entity to delete; Returns: results of the delete. This is the base package for all Morphia classes. corvallis-delivery.coma. aggregation. Defines various elements for the creation and processing of aggregation. corvallis-delivery.comtions · · corvallis-delivery.comb. corvallis-delivery.comters · ·

Methods inherited from interface corvallis-delivery.comesults · asKeyList, asKeyList, asList, asList, count, count, countAll, fetch, fetch. Type Parameters: T - The Java type serviced by this DAO: K - The Key type used by the entity. All Known Implementing Classes: BasicDAO, DAO. Parameters: mongoClient - the representations of the connection to a MongoDB instance: morphia - a Morphia instance: dbName - the name of the database.

Find all instances by type in a different collection than what is mapped on the class given skipping some documents and returning a fixed number of the. This interface exposes advanced Datastore features, like interacting with DBObject and low-level options. It implements matching methods from the Datastore. A nicer interface to the update operations in monogodb. All these operations happen at the server and can cause the server and client version of the Entity to be. Checks that a field has the value listed. The options to store null/empty values apply here so to do partial matches on embedded objects, pass a reference to a. The ObjectFactory is used by morphia to create instances of classes which can be customized to fit a particular applications needs.

Methods inherited from class corvallis-delivery.comnverter · decode, encode, equals, getMapper, getSupportTypes, hashCode, isSupported, . corvallis-delivery.comaIterator. Type Parameters: T - the original type being iterated: V - the type of the values returned. All Implemented. Annotation which helps migrate schemas by loading one of several possible properties in the document into fields or methods. CappedAt. Properties for capped. Modifier and Type, Class and Description. static class, Assert. AssertionFailedException. Represents a failed Morphia Assertion.


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